Throughout our history, we have led numerous efforts to protect thousands of clients and millions of assets. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major evolution of security technology.


Our Mission

Our number one mission is to secure our clients' information and assets. 

Utilizing our many years of experience in security, REDSEC1 provides solutions that are designed and built to your exact specifications.  

We do not believe in the "one-size fits all" approach.  We build solutions that focus on your specific security and risk management challenges instead of trying to convince you of what you need to buy.  We listen, ask questions, and listen more until we get it right.

We don't take investments in security lightly.  So, reach out to us and let us guide you down the path as we tailor the solution to your precise needs.

He who defends everything defends nothing.
— Frederick the Great

Death by 1,000 Cuts

Threats are increasing in number and the attack surface continues to evolve.  No organization can possibly respond to every issue.

We engage by first understanding your strategic objectives so that we can align all security priorities with appropriate risk assessment, threat assessment, processes and decision making to optimize defenses first. The result? Better security, less knee-jerk reactions and better use of resources. We truly believe you can do more with less.


Our team is made up of security professionals who eat, sleep and breathe security. We structure each engagement to provide maximum impact and efficiency for our clients. We deliver optimal results, whether creating innovative solutions or leveraging the latest advanced technologies. 

REDSEC1 hires only the best and brightest analysts, engineers and project managers to meet our primary goal: Your Security First.